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Church is more than just programs and events that happen in a particular building.
The Church is the people of God, called to live in relationship with him 24/7, and to take the good news of Jesus to the world as we go about our lives. In this way, church is supposed to "happen" at all times, in all places where God's people are!

That being said, our church does have organized ministries, programs, serving opportunities, and gatherings. See them listed below.

Live Worship
Truth from God's Word
Connect with Others

Meet new people
Build relationships
Free food!

Connect with God
Connect with others
Build up the church

Enjoy a great meal
Experience community
Groups for all ages

Get closer to Jesus
Get equipped to disciple others
Live out the mission!

Serve others
Testify about Jesus
Better the community

Connect with peers
Experience community
Go deeper in your faith

Use your gifts
Build up the church
Make a difference

On the YouVersion Bible app
Read with others
Grow in your faith

Keep watch on our Facebook page to stay up to date on what's going on and when.

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