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Every other Monday from 5:30-7 PM

242 is a space in which we can all grow together.

It's for all people of all ages and life stages.

It's for new believers, longtime believers, and people who aren't so sure yet.

It's a safe space where you can come as you are and experience community.

It's a place for YOU!

242 generally happens every other Monday night. Watch our Facebook page for more info.

Doors open at 5:15 PM, and a delicious supper is served at 5:30. It's a great time to sit and talk!

Supper wraps up at 6:00, and from there we split into age-specific groups.

There are classes, groups and spaces for everyone, of all ages. These are great for discussion!

We're finished by 7 PM - though everyone is welcome to stay afterward to continue hanging out.

242 is a great place to meet new people, build relationships, and pursue Jesus together.

We hope to see you soon!

Want more information? Click here to connect with us and start the conversation.

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