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Okay, so discipleship isn't just "something that we do".
It isn't a church program or a class.
It isn't just sitting and listening.
It's a whole lifestyle that we're supposed to live and breathe.

Discipleship is the process of learning how to get closer to Jesus yourself
AND learning how to help oth
er people come to know/grow in Jesus.

Discipleship can happen in countless different contexts - for instance, you can get closer to Jesus as you dig into his Word, through prayer, in worship, by listening to sermons, and more. It happens in the context of you spending time with Jesus yourself and by being poured into by other believers.

You can help to disciple someone else by spending time with them, sharing the Gospel, helping them understand the scriptures, praying together, answering questions, serving together, and more. This can happen one-on-one, in small groups, and in other relational contexts.

The point is this - what steps are you taking to get closer to Jesus, and what are you doing to help other people come to know/grow in Jesus?

We want to walk beside you in this journey.
If you want to be spurred on to get closer to Jesus in your life, or you'd like to be equipped with tools for discipling others, we can help. Click on one of the following buttons to connect with us about this!

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