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Wisdom is a gift from God that helps us make the most out of the life he desires for us. In this series, we explore several important areas of life, and what God has to say about wise living in these areas.

Wisdom #1 - What is Wisdom and Why Should I Care?
May 14th, 2023

In this message, Pastor Braden introduces the topic of wisdom. Here, we explore answers to what wisdom is, why we should care, and how we go about getting it.

Wisdom #2 - Wise, Foolish and Wicked People
May 28th, 2023

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches on the three kinds of people described in the book of Proverbs - wise, foolish and wicked. The point of this teaching is not to put you or anyone else in a box, as though growth and change are not possible. The point is to help us identify where we are in our lives right now, where we need to grow and change, and also how what kind of relationships we should have with people in each category.

Wisdom #3 - Wisdom and Friendship
June 4th, 2023

In this message, Sean Bosse teaches from Proverbs on wisdom as it pertains to our friendships. You can choose your friends, and who you choose can make a HUGE difference in your life for good or bad.

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