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Spiritual Disciplines #1
The Heart of Spiritual Disciplines

January 3rd, 2021

In this message, we learn what spiritual disciplines are and what the heart behind them is. Also, God gives a specific word for our church to start 2021.

Spiritual Disciplines #2 - Serving

January 10th, 2021

The first spiritual discipline we examine is that of service. We ought to be a people who are given to works of service that the Lord leads us to.

Spiritual Disciplines #3 - Prayer

January 17th, 2021

In this message, we examine the spiritual discipline of prayer. "Prayer should not be our last resort, but our first response."

Spiritual Disciplines #4 - Fasting

January 24th, 2021

Fasting is an under-utilized spiritual discipline, but an important one. It creates in us a hunger for more of God and helps us foster a greater dependency on him. Making it a regular practice in our lives can be very beneficial.

Spiritual Disciplines #5
Reading the Bible (Part 1)

January 31st, 2021

In this message, we come to one of the most important spiritual disciplines: scripture reading. Here, we explore what the Bible is and why it is beneficial for us to regularly read it.

Spiritual Disciplines #6
Reading the Bible (Part 2)

January 31st, 2021

In this message, we explore how we can mine the Bible for all its worth by looking at some helpful practices we can employ during our reading.

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