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In this series, we journey through the book of Acts verse by verse.

Acts is an amazing book that is about 2000 years old, but it is still incredibly relevant for our times. It's about what happened (and still happens) in response to Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the grave. It's about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It's about God's people - the Church - and what he desires for them. It's about the mission God is accomplishing on the earth, even to this day. Acts is particularly timely as we consider how God has been moving in our church over the past couple of years.

If you've ever wondered when and how this thing called the Church got started, if you've wondered what God is doing in the world, or if you've wondered what you're supposed to be doing as a Christian...

Acts is a great book for you!

Acts #1 - Jesus: The Truth & The Takeaways
January 7th, 2024

This is the first message in our sermon series going through the book of Acts verse by verse.

Here, Pastor Braden teaches through Acts 1:1-11. This text lays down some foundational truths about Jesus and sets the tone for the rest of the book of Acts.

Acts #2 - Winning In The Waiting
January 14th, 2024

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches through Acts 1:12-26. This message is all about WAITING - what can happen when we seek the Lord when we are in seasons of waiting in our lives.

Acts #3 - Come, Holy Spirit!
January 21st, 2024

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches from Acts 2:1-13. This text recounts the coming of the Holy Spirit.

This is more than just a story about what happened back then - it's about what God is still doing and wanting to do now. We need to receive the Holy Spirit (at salvation through faith in Jesus), and also be filled by the Spirit in an ongoing fashion, if we're going to live the lives Jesus has for us!

Acts #4: The Gospel: Our Main Message
January 28th, 2024

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches through Acts 2:14-41. This text is all about the GOSPEL - the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done.

All believers are called to be witnesses for Jesus - a huge piece of this is sharing the Gospel. Thankfully, God provides everything we need - the opportunities, the boldness, the message, and the results. We just need to do it!

Acts #5: A Picture Of The Church
February 5th, 2024

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches through Acts 2:42-47. This is an INCREDIBLE text that shows a picture of what the thriving early church was like. This is not just a word about the church of the past, but also word for the church of the present - what our priorities need to be, what we should be focused on, and what we should be doing as a result of being led by the Spirit of God.

Acts #6: Let's Walk!
February 11th, 2024

In this message, Sean Bosse teaches from Acts chapter 3. This is an account of a miraculous healing done in the name of Jesus. This is full of principles for today, so be encouraged as you listen in!

Acts #7 - War, Worship and Witnessing: Insights From Acts 4
February 18th, 2024

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches from Acts 4:1-22. This text deals with the disciples getting arrested in the wake of healing a crippled man in Jesus' name. This text is a grab bag of impactful truth - pushback from the enemy, a religious spirit, and what happens when we boldly witness in spite of it all. This is full of principles for our walk today!

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