Thanks for checking out our church! We want you to know a little bit about us, so you'll know what to expect when you connect with us.

We are a community that LOVES JESUS

We are a people that are connected in relationship to Jesus

We live lives of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us

We love to make a big deal about Jesus

Our heart is to put Jesus first in all things

We are a community that LOVES OTHERS

We are a people who love other people – inside and outside the church

We make it a high priority to build strong relationships with others

We want everybody to know Jesus, so we are serious about sharing and showing his love

We care about the well-being of our community and are eager to serve our city

We are a community of  GROWTH

We are a people who are called to never stop growing throughout the whole journey of life

We pursue spiritual growth: to increasingly know God’s Word and do God’s Word

We pursue growth in our love for and relationship with God and others

We pursue growth in our God-given potential, talents, resources and spiritual gifts

What We Believe

Our core message is the Gospel - the good news about Jesus, as seen in the Bible, which is our final authority in matters of life and doctrine:

There is one God, by whom and for whom all things exist

We have separated ourselves from God by our sin

God's solution for our sin is his Son Jesus Christ

Jesus died on a cross and rose from the grave

We are saved by accepting Jesus' sacrifice and repenting of our sin

We are called to follow Jesus with our whole lives


If we're saved, we will spend eternity with God

Our Pastor

Braden Jones

Braden has been on staff at The Harbour since 2015 and has been Lead Pastor since February of 2020. He has a particular passion for teaching God's Word and leading worship. Braden has a Master's degree in Pastoral Theology from Kingswood University.

Braden lives in the Saint John area with his wife Lori. He is an avid sports fan - hockey, football, baseball, tennis and golf to name a few - and enjoys writing/playing music and cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs.