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Tough Stuff #11 - Abortion & Medical Assistance in Dying
January 16th, 2022

In this final message of the series, Pastor Braden teaches on a couple life-ending practices that are prevalent in our culture: abortion and medical assistance in dying. These are massively large topics, and the best thing we can do is to pursue the Word and heart of God in these matters.

Tough Stuff #10 - Racism
January 9th, 2022

In this message, Geoff Clarke brings a word on racism. As we cover this difficult subject, we must approach it from the perspective of what God says in His Word.

Tough Stuff #9 - Health & Wellness
December 12th, 2021

In this message, Richard Jones preaches on health and wellness. These are sensitive subjects for many people, but listen in to hear of God's grace, heart and plan for you!

Click here for a PDF of Richard's slides from this message.

Tough Stuff #8 - Language
December 5th, 2021

Jesus has a life for us - one that involves every area of our lives. In this message, Sean Bosse shares with us the truth about our language. We have a choice: will we allow the words we speak to be filthy, unclean, and destructive, or will will we allow them to be godly, beneficial and edifying?

Tough Stuff #7 - Intakes
November 28th, 2021

Part of the life Jesus has for us are the things we put into our bodies. In this message, we examine three "intakes": drugs, alcohol and smoking, and how they fit into this life.

Tough Stuff #6 - Money
November 21st, 2021

In this message, Pastor Braden teaches on what can sometimes be a very difficult conversation - money. In many cases, we are so caught up in our pursuit, desire and worry over money; but where does it fall into the life God has for us? What does God have to say about our money?

Tough Stuff #5 - Sexuality (Part 3) - Lust & Pornography
November 14th, 2021

Jesus has a life for us; we want to make sure we are pursuing him, not blindly following the ways of the culture.

This is certainly the case in the realm of sex and sexuality. In this message, Pastor Braden teaches on two areas of sexuality that many people struggle with - lust and pornography. Though it is heavy conversation, God has a word of truth and of grace for us in here.

Tough Stuff #4 - Sexuality (Part 2) - Fornication & Shacking Up
November 7th, 2021

In this message, Sean Bosse speaks about fornication and shacking up. These two behaviours are widely practiced in our culture - but what does God say about them, and how do they fit into the life he has for us?

Tough Stuff #3 - Sexuality (Part 1) - Homosexuality
October 31st, 2021

One of the biggest points of tension between the church and the culture is in the realm of sexuality. In this message, we examine some general truths from God's Word regarding human sexuality, and we also explore the topic of homosexuality.

It is a large and heavy subject, but we must be willing to examine God's truth in the matter. Fortunately, though, this truth is complimented with a strong message of grace and invitation from Jesus.

Tough Stuff #2 - Identity
October 24th, 2021

Identity is a massive cultural conversation. The question to be answered in the identity discussion is "who am I?". The world and culture offer us numerous options to discover who we really are - and none of them are good enough. In this message, we explore the better path - learning who we really are based on what God says about us.

Tough Stuff #1 - A Gospel of Grace and Truth
October 3rd, 2021

In this message, Pastor Braden highlights where we are to begin this important conversation. It's not about yelling louder than someone else or sitting on a high horse - it's all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the context we need to have this conversation in if we're going to navigate the culture and engage it for Christ.

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