Sunday Worship Gatherings

We meet together every Sunday morning for worship. We do this because Jesus is worthy of praise, and we love to gather together to proclaim it, to get into his Word, and to spend time together as a community.

Our Sunday Gatherings are going to look a little different this summer!

We will be meeting outside as the weather permits us to.
It will be really informal, and for the most part, unstructured.
Bring a lawn chair with you (we have chairs you can use if you don't have one!)
Feel free to bring something to do - a game, ball glove, knitting, etc. - but you don't have to.
Feel free to bring something to eat - a snack, picnic lunch, etc. - but you also don't have to do this.
The agenda - be together!

We'll still open God's Word together. We'll still spend some time in worship. We'll still take communion.
But the majority of our time spent together will be unplanned and unstructured.

If it's raining, we'll simply move inside to our gym and do the same thing in there.

Come and connect with us on Sundays this summer!


Sundays at 10:30 AM
840 Loch Lomond Road (East Saint John)
Park anywhere you like!


It is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We spend time hanging out before the service starts - because we like each other! Once the service begins, we usually sing a few songs of praise to God, pray, take communion, and listen to a message from the Bible together. Our services are usually around an hour and a half long - but it's a fun hour and a half! Many people choose to stay afterward and enjoy our cafe, where we serve free coffee and tea.


You don't need to do anything but take it all in! You don't need to know anything, come from a certain background, or dress a certain way. It's a completely low-stress, come-as-you-are environment.

Only to the degree you are comfortable with, you will have an opportunity to meet some of our people, hang out, ask questions, receive prayer, etc. You may be provided with a connection card, asking for some of your information; this is simply so that we can stay in touch with you after Sunday if you want us to.


We love your kids and want them to have a great time! We have programming available for kids aged 3-10. The kids stay in with the adults for the first part of the service. Before the sermon begins, they are dismissed to go downstairs for kids' church, and can be picked up once the service is over. All of our kids' church volunteers have up-to-date criminal record checks.


We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while 'mobile' - this would include when entering/exiting the building, when moving throughout the building, while getting up to use the washroom, etc.

Once you are not 'mobile' - i.e., sitting at your seat, remaining in one place for a while - you are free to remove your mask if you wish. You can also keep your mask on for the entire time if you want to.

Distancing is not required - you can sit by whoever you like, and things like hugs and handshakes are allowed. However, it is your responsibility to make sure whoever you are approaching/getting close to is okay with you doing so!

No one will pass judgment on you whatever your decision - if you choose to remove your mask when you're not mobile, that's great. If you choose to keep yours on the whole time, that's also great!

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building, and you are encouraged to use it regularly.
We will also continue to clean and sanitize the building thoroughly.

We ask that you please remain home if you are not feeling well.