Friday Coffee & BBQ

Connection and community are very important to us.
That's why we've made space for people to be together every Friday.

From 7-10 AM, we open up our side building for free coffee and donuts. It's a low-key, informal time where you can come and hang out with others. Some people stay the whole three hours, while others stop in for a while (i.e., on their way to work). It's a great opportunity to simply slow down and take the time to be around others - it's super good for the soul!

Then, from 12-1 PM, we have a free BBQ in our parking lot. This is also really low-key and informal - just a bunch of people hanging around and enjoying one another's company. Whether you belong to our church, or you're just driving by on the busy street, we'd love for you to come and grab some lunch!

You can come by yourself, bring a friend, a coworker, or the whole family. You don't need to have any sort of church background, or do anything in particular, really. We simply value human connection, and want to invite you to come and share with us!