242 - Family Ministry

God cares about families!

That's why we've started 242 - a family-based ministry that is designed for families of all forms.
We meet every two weeks on a Monday evening for a meal, encouragement, teaching and an opportunity to build deeper relationships. The whole family comes for the whole evening.

The People

People from all walks of family life participate in 242 - we're talking parents with young kids, grandparents, teenagers, single parents, you name it. It's simply a chance for people to get together in a family context and allow God to speak into and influence their family life.

The Meal
Having a meal together provides an opportunity to serve others, be it through setting tables, prepping ingredients, dishing up plates, washing dishes, etc. Also, eating together provides a great environment for conversation, getting to know others, and getting involved in the lives of others. It doesn't hurt that we get to enjoy a delicious meal either!

An important part of the 242 experience is the world-class teaching we have access to. Using tools like RightNow Media, we are able to be exposed to helpful, practical teaching based on God's Word, and then have meaningful discussions about it in a safe, judgment-free environment. This kind of environment can be incredibly informative and (transformative?)