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1 John - A Life Beyond Sunday Morning

This 12-week series takes us through the book of 1 John verse by verse. The main theme we see here is that God has a life for us; it's a life of relationship with him. This great book of the Bible explores what it looks like to truly experience life.

Spiritual Disciplines Graphic.png

Spiritual Disciplines

A look at four spiritual disciplines that help us go deeper in our relationship with God. Growing to consistently practice spiritual disciplines helps us live the life God has for us.

Mission Sermon Series Graphic - Website.


A three-week series where we explore the mission Jesus has given to us as believers - to make disciples as we go, for his glory.

Colossians Facebook Cover.png

Colossians: The Centrality of Christ

A ten-week series going through the book of Colossians verse by verse. In this book, we see the central importance of the person and work of Jesus Christ, and what we are do in response.

Mechanics of The Gospel - Sermon Backgro

Mechanics of the Gospel

In this seven-week series, we unpack the different components that make up the Gospel - the greatest news in the entire world!

Easter 2020 Sermon Graphic (1).jpg

Easter 2020

A short series of remembrance and celebration about the most significant event in world history - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Letters to the Churches: A Study in Revelation

This series examines the words of Jesus to the seven churches listed in the book of Revelation. There is much practical insight to be gleaned for the church today.


GPS - Gifts, Passion, Story

This series examines what happens when our God-given gifts, passion and stories collide: the potential for fruitful and productive ministry for God's Kingdom.


Living From Our Faith: A Study in James

This is a series preaching verse-by-verse through the book of James. In this book, we see that we don't work for our faith, but we are to work from it.


Being the Body of Christ

In this series, we examine how the church is made up of many different parts that compose one unit, and how that can lead to a flourishing and healthy church.


Spiritual Gifts

This series teaches about spiritual gifts, which have been highly misunderstood over the years. Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift, to be used for God's glory and the good of the church.


Easter: More Than a Story

This 2019 series is a recounting of the Easter story; as we explore, Easter is more than just a familiar story!


Vision: Foundations for Our Future

The Harbour has a vision - this series lays out the foundational elements of our vision for the next season of ministry for God.


Walking in the Light

In a world where darkness seems to be everywhere, it is vitally important that we discover the light of the world - Jesus Christ - and how to walk in him.


Topical Sermons

This is a collection of single sermons that are not part of any particular series. There are a whole host of subjects covered here.

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